The ICT Programme for Europe and Latin America


The PRO-IDEAL and PRO-IDEAL PLUS projects are finished, but our efforts and our community continue: Please check out the AMERICAS platform, our news blog (that remains the same as before) and our LinkedIn groups: AMERICAS and Project Angels

This platform remains on-line as it still is your KNOWLEDGE SOURCE on the EU's Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Programme of FP7. Visit the training and Project Angels modules for self-learning about EU Funding mechanisms, and use the up-dated parts (labelled UPDATED) of the ICT Wiki as quick information source.                                                           



If you are interested to participate in the EU - LAC community, you can join us in the follow-up project AMERICAS (see "Join our mailing list" on the right margin).

Support and/or give your contribution to the Joint Declaration to strengthen EU-LA cooperation

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