Nutrition for Mind and Body

The definition of nutrition is “to supply with what is necessary for life, health and growth.” Most people recognize this as being important for the body, and think of it only as ensuring that they consume the appropriate vitamins and minerals that will keep their body healthy. However, nutrition is also extremely important for the mind.
People scoff at clichés, but there are no truer words than “You are what you eat.”

Unfortunately, these days it is extremely difficult to know what you are eating.

While technology has helped increase the production of a variety of foods enormously, it has also introduced growth hormones into chicken and beef, and pesticides into our fresh fruits and vegetables. It is difficult for the average individual to ensure that they eat only “natural” foods, should they actually wish to do so.

While unhealthy food additives is of course a concern – and one that you should discuss with your nutritional therapist, a greater concern is that people just don’t “eat healthy” at all.

Many people eat too much for their activity level

Let’s state the obvious. Most people eat too much for their level of daily activity (and for their metabolism type). People who consume more calories than they use will gain weight, and when they gain more than 5 pounds over their optimum weight, this is not healthy. (Nor is it healthy to be 5 pounds or more under what a person should ideally weigh, based on their height and skeletal type). Fine-boned, medium-boned and heavy-boned people, all of the same height, will have different optimum weights and body mass.

Why do people eat too much?

Over-eating is caused by a variety of factors.

Many people eat all the time because they feel hungry all the time. They never realize that one reason why they continuously feel hungry is because the very food they eat causes cravings and hunger! (Why is it that no one can eat “just one” potato chip? There is a physiological reason why this is the case.)

Other people eat because they are bored, or because they are emotionally distressed and need comfort food.

Many people eat unhealthy foods

I’m not talking here about the unhealthy hormones and pesticide residues we may be eating with our chicken or steak and heaping plate of vegetables.

People consume too much candy and soda pop. They eat refined sugars. They consume both “good” and “bad” carbs. (We all need carbohydrates in our diet. It’s just a matter of which type of carbs you eat.)

Nutrition for mind and body is a relatively new concept. Obviously, nutritionists have been around for decades, but the connection between poor nutrition and the brain’s response to it has only been explored in the last decade or so.

The brain needs nutrition as well

The brain actually needs a variety of nutrition, of a supply of food that is “necessary for life, health and growth.” There are two types of food – mental stimulation such as reading books, doing crossword puzzles, playing scrabble or even cards – activities that keep the mind alert.

But the alertness of the mind, and its overall health, can also be affected by the actual food that we eat every day.

A case in point is caffeine. How many people feel sluggish in the morning before they have their first cup of coffee? How many feel jittery at night and can’t sleep, because they’ve drank too much caffeine?

Another case in point… sugar. How many kids can’t sit still in school because they’ve had a bowl of sugar-laced cereal that gives them physical energy they need to burn off?

The connection between what we eat and how our minds work is inescapable.

What Is A Healthy Body Image and Weight?

Many of us are not happy with our bodies in some way. We want smaller thighs, a flatter stomach, nicer arms, etc. But when it comes to our bodies, the most important thing we can do is cultivate a healthy body image and a healthy overall body weight.

Our bodies and the skin on our bodies are similar to a rubber balloon. If you don’t have enough fat or air in your body, the balloon is deflated, wrinkled and sagging. If you have the right amount of fat in your body or air in the balloon your skin is taught, but not stretched. Finally if you have too much fat or air in the balloon the skin stretches. Ideally you want the second scenario where you have enough fat to inflate the balloon and keep the skin taught. Understanding this and the fact that everyone’s body is different is the first step to obtaining a healthy body image.

Let’s look at this balloon analogy with regards to how we age. When we reach the age of twenty-five many skincare professionals say the collagen in our face starts to degrade and disappear. Therefore as we get older our face tends to become longer and leaner, with more defined cheekbones. When our bodies don’t have enough fat, this loss of collagen is more noticeable sooner in our lives, and can often leave us with the appearance of sagging skin. When our bodies have a healthy amount of fat in its face, the degradation of collagen in our skin merely leaves us with a leaner looking face. Finally, when our bodies have too much fat, the loss of collagen in our face is less noticeable due to the overabundance of fat in our skin. This is why individuals who are heavier earlier in their life and then lose weight tend to look younger than other individuals of the same age.

So what is a healthy weight for your body? Thankfully there are many resources now available on the web that allows us to quickly calculate what a healthy BMI or Body Mass Index is for our bodies using our height and our weight as measuring standards. BMI is not the only calculation we should look at if we want to get a better assessment of our body’s overall health, but it’s a good start. Knowing what our percent body fat and height to waist ratio are also important factors in determining overall body health.

It is important to be conscious of your body in order to have a healthy body image, but not too conscious. Having some fat on your body is not a bad thing, only the lack of fat or the excessive presence of fat is what can be dangerous to our health. Use the health resources available on the internet as a reference to see if you’re keeping your body healthy.

Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

Many people, especially women want to have shiny, healthy hair. It may reflect the healthy body and make them look more beautiful. Though there are many modern treatments, but the natural ways are still being the most safe and best solutions. In order to have healthy and beautiful hair, it is important for you to consume the nutritious diet. Here are some foods you can eat to keep it healthy.

Protein is essential to give the shaft more strength, and could reduce the likelihood of dame throughout snapping and splitting. It’s good to consume fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereal to obtain proteins that you need. Those foods will help you to create block, so you will have stronger hair.

Minerals such as iron, zinc and copper are needed to keep your hair healthy. Iron functions to carry oxygen to your hair, so the follicles will have enough oxygen to boost the root effectiveness. You can obtain iron by consuming red meat, dark green veggie and also iron supplements. Meanwhile, zinc that you can get by eating meat and seafood will help you to prevent any loss. To optimize the natural color, you can consume liver, nuts, fresh veggie, meat, seeds and shellfish that contain a lot of copper.

Enough vitamins not only make your body healthy, but also maintain the health of your hair. Vitamin A will make you have a healthy scalp, so it is crucial to consume carrots that consist of vitamin A. meanwhile, vitamin B and C will give better circulation, growth and color. Once you consume fruit, vegetables, cereal, eggs, bread and milk, you will have strong hair.

It is not only keeping your body stays hydrated, but by drinking enough water you will have beautiful hair. Water will make it supple and makes up one-fourth of the hair strand weight. You don’t have to wait until you’re thirsty, just take enough water daily and keep it moisturized along with the shiny and silkier look.

Brain Foods – Discover The Ultimate One and Keep Your Mind and Body Healthy

There has been much interest in recent times about various brain foods, but the facts can get lost in the latest crazes and fads. Find out which type of foods for the brain are top of the list and why they work so well.

Of course there are many brain foods considered to be great and include blueberries, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds, but only one type stands head and shoulders above the rest.

As you may have guessed, it is omega 3 rich fish oils, although not from fresh fish as you might have thought. Today, most species carry a multitude of toxins that can cancel out some or all of the benefits for your brain and overall health.

For example, salmon was once considered great but as most of them are farmed and fed on poor diets, they now contain very little omega 3. In the US, the line of fat rich in these fats is often removed to improve the taste, resulting in very little benefits.

If you want the maximum rewards, you need to consider quality distilled fish oils as then you can control the purity and amount you take.

The omega 3 fats, DHA and EPA are responsible for the many health benefits for your brain as they keep the membranes healthy and improve the quality of the signals sent. In fact it is the DHA fats that are most abundant in your brain and as a result, a fish oil rich in them is essential.

By taking daily oils, you can improve your memory and vision, ward off depression and anxiety and even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s if the latest research is anything to go by. In addition they improve your cardiovascular health, balance your cholesterol and strengthen your immune system.

Part of the reason these oils make such a big impact is down to the fact that 9 out of 10 people are already deficient in them!

These good polyunsaturated fats are not manufactured by your body and need to come from what you eat. The declining consumption of fish in part due to the many toxins they carry is thought to be the main reason for this.

The best fish oils are distilled to remove all the toxins and the company’s site should have a CoA or Certificate of Analysis to show the level of any detectable toxins and the batch the fish came from for full traceability from boat to bottle.

Those rich in DHA are also necessary to get the most from them and you should be aware that most supplements today are not distilled and have very low DHA amounts as it is more expensive to use.

So there you have it, now you know the king of the brain foods, you can soon look forward to improved mental health and avoid many degenerative diseases later in life too.

If you would like to find out more about the pure DHA fish oil supplements I personally take, visit my website below.