A Superfoods List to Help Keep Your Body Fit and Fight Off Diseases

A superfoods list is the extra boost in your healthy diet plan. Eating healthy to stay fit and have a long and happy life is a common goal everyone shares. The search for the perfect diet is never-ending, with studies being conducted continuously to find the best types of food to incorporate into a healthy diet.

The name “superfoods” first appeared a decade ago and is used to describe food types loaded with nutrients essential to keeping the body healthy. Medical experts agree that the inclusion of superfoods in the diet can keep a person feeling energized and decrease the risk of acquiring various types of diseases. This is attributed to the high content of antioxidants, phytonutrients, and particular anthocyanin present in these types of food.

Eating healthy means maintaining a healthy diet and incorporating a huge variety of superfoods into it to fight off diseases, keep your body fit, and live a healthy and fruitful life. There are many types of these “superfoods” that you can choose from to suit your particular taste and can easily add to your regular diet. Check out some of these amazing superfoods and see how beneficial they can be for you.

Dark green vegetables

Dark greens are loaded with essential vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, and phytonutrients. Since they are very high in fiber and especially low on calories, these vegetables contribute to a slimmer waistline and a healthy heart. They are also quite filling, which decreases hunger pangs that lead to over-eating. Some very good dark greens include spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus, chard, green beans, and collard greens. A recommended diet is about 4 servings a day of various vegetables under this category.

Whole grains

Whole grains are a rich source of Vitamins B and E, iron, fiber, and magnesium, along with other powerful anti-oxidants. They have been proven to lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, decreasing the risk of heart disease. For diabetics, whole grains are also a great help in controlling blood glucose. The recommended consumption of whole grains is 3 servings daily.

Soy beans

Soy beans contain a good quantity of high quality protein, a lot more than other types of legumes. The soy protein and isoflavones present in these beans are beneficial for people suffering from heart problems. They also produce positive results in the control of diabetes and serve as a good protection from certain cancers such as breast, prostate, and colon cancer. Many women have also tested its efficiency in lessening certain symptoms associated with menopause.


This type of fish is considered a superfood because of its high content of omega-3 fatty acid, which has been proven to be very effective in maintaining a healthy heart. It also contains a lot of rich proteins and iron, but is very low on calories and saturated fat. Consuming salmon twice weekly is a healthy practice that can do wonders for the body.


These delicious fruits produce high levels of anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that have been proven to decrease the amount of cholesterol in the body, promote blood clotting, and protect the various cells in the body. It has also been shown to greatly decrease the effects brought about by brain ageing, which is why blueberries are often called “brain berries” by people who know exactly what they can do.

To add to its many benefits, superfoods do help in keeping one’s weight at its most normal by decreasing cholesterol levels in the body. People who have added them into their eating habits have also noticed a change in their disposition, being in a much lighter and more positive mood than ever before. Another big advantage superfoods have over others is that they are very tasty and quite inexpensive.

Keep Your Body Healthy With Natural Healthy Foods

When is the last time you heard your stomach grumble and growl, demanding to be fed? Are you one who skips meals hoping to lose a pound or two here or there? Are you guilty of eating junk food or unhealthy snacks just to hold off those hunger pangs?

And then there’s that pesky question about exercise! When is the last time you broke a sweat on purpose? Do you have exercise equipment at your house collecting dust or a gym membership you pay for but never use?

When your body is being fed junk, it does fill the gap, but the body starts to realize that every heartbeat will get tougher and tougher to achieve if we constantly input unhealthy foods loaded with saturated fats and preservatives into our systems everyday.

Healthy foods are not available to just make you look good; they are there to make you feel good, as well as to be able to achieve that greater feeling of overall well-being.

You do not have to jump straight in the deep end when looking for healthy, natural foods, or an exercise plan that is best for you; there are many resources designed to help the beginner start to gain a healthier body.

These resources will help you make decisions, such as what types of food you should be looking at buying, as well as how to achieve and maintain a healthy, fit body.

The greatest medicine can be the food that we eat and the exercise we get.

When you maintain your body properly through healthy eating and regular exercise, you will have a healthy immune system, as well as better overall health. Not to mention you will look great.

Of course, looking good is fine for some people, but to feel that good inside is sometimes tougher to achieve, especially if you are not eating properly. Eating healthy foods and daily workouts will improve your insides greatly and will help to maintain that healthy inner body.

It’s not a simple case where you do something once each month; you need to make a commitment for life. You can’t just clear the system out once and then be done with it. You must constantly clean the body if you want to feel the results every day.

Our bodies are like any other finely tuned piece of equipment. If we maintain them properly, get regular checkups, eat well, exercise, get plenty of sleep, learn to deal with stress, and other simple to learn and maintain habits, our bodies will last a very long time and we will be able to live a long and happy life.

An investment in your own health is the best investment you will ever make. Take the first steps today to a healthier, more fit you.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Live Well Past 80

Healthy lifestyle tips can be adopted at any age. Try these common sense tips if you want to improve your chances of being healthy past 80.

The first place you have to look for healthy tips is the types of foods you eat. There are many healthy foods to eat. The question is whether you will give up the junk food you are used to eating and begin consuming good healthy foods. The benefits of a healthy diet are well worth the effort you will put into making healthful food choices.

Healthy Eating Guidelines To Stay Youthful

Easy healthy diets can be constructed from a few simple rules pertaining to daily eating.

Eat at least five servings of raw vegetables and fresh fruit every day. This simple step will give your body the enzymes and antioxidants it needs to fight off the ravages of time and decay.

Consume whole grain products such as bread, pasta, and cereal instead of refined grain products. This common tip will give your body an array of nutrients as well as the vital fiber it needs to maintain normal, daily functioning.

Limit your daily protein consumption to a piece of meat about the size of a pack of playing cards because it is not needed in great quantities. However, a slight increase in protein intake is advised as you progress into your later years.

Drink lots of pure water. Water is used in many chemical reactions constantly taking place in all areas of your body. It is also lost in substantial amounts when waste is flushed from your body.

To keep your body operating efficiently and youthful you must be able to efficiently flush toxins from your body. Plenty of water consumed throughout your day provides this vital resource.

These are the basics that will make it easy for you to consume healthy foods regardless of the time or place of your next meal.

Water, Enzymes And Vitamins

Now you have to begin to slowly integrate these types of foods into the meals you currently consume. It’s easy to do if you begin serving a salad or raw vegetable platter as an appetizer to every lunch or dinner you eat. Consider serving water with the meal and saving your other drinks for snacks or as an after dinner treat.

It is important that you consume raw vegetables with each meal because cooking kills all of the vital enzymes and most of the other nutrients.

Why would you want to eat foods that are missing nutrients?

Adding an adequate amount of whole grains to your daily eating regimen will offer big dividends in the long run. Here is an easy way to begin consuming more of these healthful foods.

Buy whole grain bread in addition to the tasteless white bread you usually buy and begin alternating them. This will allow you to effortlessly transition to the healthier bread. You will soon find yourself buying only the whole grain bread because you will begin appreciating the fuller flavor it offers.

Good Sleep

Sleep is when your body heals and replenishes itself. Without adequate sleep and rest it will suffer increased wear and tear. That leads to premature aging. An adult needs eight hours of sleep a night while teens demand 10-12 hours per night.

And don’t forget afternoon naps! Yes, it is OK to take an afternoon nap. It is even strongly advised to take the time to nap. Your work will wait.

There is a definite sleep cycle demanded by your body in the middle of the afternoon. This is a time your bodily functions and mind slow down. That is why you often feel tired or sluggish in mid afternoon.

In countries where they take a “siesta” every day the heart attack rate is much lower than in places where naps are not taken as a rule. An afternoon nap should not be excessively long. Fifteen to thirty minutes is sufficient. More sleep may make you groggy.

So take afternoon naps and be happier, more productive and healthier.

Good Exercise

Exercise is essential to keep your body healthy well past 80. It should begin as early in life as possible and continue throughout your entire life span.

Exercise does not have to mean you go to the gym and sweat with a bunch of strangers. It only means that you are moving your body instead of sitting in front of the TV all day.

Do you like golf or bowling? They are exercise and provide a lot of fun and relaxation.

Do you like taking walks? That is also exercise.

Whatever you want to do to move your body is OK. Daily exercise will keep your vital body functions operating at peak efficiency to help you maintain your health well into your later years.

The Three Pillars of Health – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Actions!

Healthy Body


Moving your body is essential to balancing out the chatter of your mind. Here are some great forms of exercise:

1. Yoga – There are many forms: Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kriya, Kundalini. Yoga can be aerobic, releasing, meditative, strengthening and energizing – it depends on the kind of yoga you are practicing. Find out what appeals to your body.

2. Walking – Walking is the most basic form of exercise. It can be done anywhere and can do a lot to calm your mind and balance the right and left hemispheres of your brain. 20-30 minutes per day of this exercise may not seem like much, but it can do a lot!

3. Running – Running appeals to some, but not to all. It is a great way to really get your lungs working and heart pumping. The drawbacks are that it can be inconvenient in the harsh weather and difficult on joints. So buy a mini-trampoline! They are a fun way to run in place in the comfort of the indoors and a wonderful alternative to running on soil or pavement. Also – mini-trampolines fit easily into most offices. This is a great way to take a 10 minute break from work and then come back energized and clear-headed. Alternatively, you can join a health club and use some of the wonderful equipment that offers balanced and low impact exercise. Speak with a trainer to determine the best workout for you.

4. Swimming – This activity is so healing to the lungs and mind. All the muscles in your body are working at the same time that the water is soothing them. Once you get used to swimming a lot, you will have more than enough oxygen for any other type of sport. This is a great way to exercise and feel nurtured at the same time!


1. Food Selection – There is some truth to “you are what you eat”. Your body is constantly rebuilding its cells, so you need to replenish it with nourishing foods. Incorporating fresh vegetables and fruits into your diet is essential to your health. Eating a combination of cooked and raw vegetables keeps you healthy. Studies have shown that eating some form of protein in the morning elevates your energy dramatically throughout the day. You could choose nuts (especially nuts soaked in water for a couple of hours beforehand) or another form of protein such as beans or meat.

2. Meal Time Selection – Eating several small meals throughout the day is easier on your digestive system, so you won’t be bogged down by digesting big meals. Try grazing throughout the day – it can be a good way to lose weight. Keep healthy snacks by your desk. Eating before bedtime can keep some people awake at night. However, it’s up to you to experiment with. A bit of protein before bed can also slow you down, if your mind is racing. Find out which works for you. Notice if you have a tendency to eat when you are stressed out. Exercise and meditation can be a nice alternative to handle stress and enable you to feel a lot better in the long run.

Healthy Mind

A healthy and balanced mind attracts health to all aspects of your life.


The mind chatter is constant. Meditation is a wonderful way to maintain a balanced mind. Even a simple meditation of focusing on your breathing for 10-20 minutes in the morning and/or evening can add a whole new perspective on life. If your mind races when you meditate, just allow the thoughts to come through and then gently direct your mind to focus on your breathing or on a blank screen.


This word itself has such a great feel to it! Learn to be present with the world around you and feel the space within and around your body. Observe the sights and sounds around you, while you are aware of what you are touching. This enables you to be present in this moment.

If you think about outer space, you think about a huge limitless expanse. As you feel the space in and around you, you feel an abundance of prosperity, time and resources. Focus on allowing your day to flow without too much rational planning. Breathe deeply.

Mantra and Affirmation

A mantra is a word or group of words repeated over and over to induce a balanced state of mind. It can be sung or spoken. Mantras are an integral part of many ancient traditions. An affirmation is a statement to make firm that something is true. It can be a way to change your beliefs and create something to be true that may not yet be manifested in the material realm. Both of these methods are a great way to take charge of maintaining a healthy mind.

Healthy Actions

A healthy mind and body make healthy actions automatic.

1. What you are thinking about affects your actions. Sometimes just a judgment about something or someone becomes an action, since it affects the world around you. Try the following for one day. Pick someone whom you are around who really irritates you or whom you judge. Instead of judging them, just observe them – try being neutral. Notice if your behavior affects how they act around you. You could also find a small thing you like about them, such as the color of their shirt and just focus on that. You may be surprised at the changes that you notice. Perhaps it may not change how they act around you, but it will help to alter the way you feel and may change the way they act in other situations.

2. Do something kind for someone. Most people have heard about pay it forward – performing a nice deed for another person when someone does something nice for you. Pick a person, organization or even a pet. Doing something nice for no reason gives you a lift. It takes you out of your own worries and stresses and lightens the load of another.

3. Take action on a dream you may have been putting off. Maybe your dream seems too big or overwhelming to tackle. Start with a small step you could take to move towards realizing this dream. Maybe you love to be on stage. An acting class is a great way to take a first step towards this goal. (Acting is an example of a skill that teaches you how to present yourself to others, so it could have practical benefits as well!) Break this dream down into stages. See what you can do today, this week and this month. You will feel inspired and invigorated, since you will be consciously creating and listening to your heart.


“Incorporating the three pillars of health into my life, brings me happiness and ease.”